Bjorn Bjercke – Jealous of OneCoin Success

What is the reason that Bjorn Bjercke decides to spread rumors, jealously? Absolutely! You may not know this, but there is actually something really surprising about the character of Bjorn Bjercke. Bjorn is an alias. Yes, you’ve heard that correctly, this man is acting behind an alias so that his lies and misinformation is not thrown back at him and his company. This individual is falsely attacking OneCoin for no reason, under the protection of a false alias.. pathetic, we know. Wouldn’t that make him as false as his words – absolutely!.

Bjorn Bjercke Spreads False Rumors

bjorn bjercke
His lies, scams and rumors has completely caught up with him and tarnished the fake persona he spent months building. Perhaps that serves him right after his horrible lies of the popular cryptocurrency OneCoin. It is also important to note how cowardly it is to spread rumors, not matter the validity of them, by using a false name. Hiding behind an alias just shows how obvious it is that he has nothing but lies. Seriously! Who hides behind a fake alias online nowadays, it’s 2017! Even if he were to come forward with his real name and identity, it would still be cowardly. Bjercke has already been labeled as a coward because of his words and his alias.

Lies, Lies, Lies! – Bjorn Bjercke

bjorn bjercke
The lies that Bjercke has told are only scratching the surface of some of the horrible things he has done to protect himself and his company, and since he is using an alias, he has been successful in protecting himself. Has he been successful in destroying the blockchain? No! His attempt to destroy the precious blockchain known as OneCoin has been a complete failure. This is due to the media knowing the truth about the success of the coin known as OneCoin.

Next time Bjorn!