Bjorn Bjercke Lies Again

bjorn bjercke

Bjorn Bjercke – False Rumors

After spreading false rumors that OneCoin’s incredibly successful Macau Conference on May 7 was to be cancelled, Bjorn Bjercke is at it again – lying in a futile effort to scare people away from OneCoin.

He does this at the expense of the truth and only to protect his own investments and wallet.

As you can see from OneCoin’s Facebook page, the OneCoin Macau conference was held as planned on May 7 and was a huge success, attended by 5,000 OneCoin enthusiasts.

This time, Bjerke is going around in industry circles and online, falsely assailing OneCoin’s blockchain. He claims that OneCoin has never had a blockchain.

Bjorn Bjercke Publicly Addressed

This is absurd and entirely false. In fact, the CEO of DXMarkets, Marcelo Garcia Casil, expressly rejected Bjercke’s claims with the following statement, issued on May 10, 2017:

“In recent days there has been publicity on the Internet suggesting that I have questioned the existing technological capabilities supporting the OneCoin cryptocurrency. Any such suggestion is false and misrepresents my position. The work my company was commissioned to undertake was designed to provide the company with an analysis and a proposal aiming towards a next generation solution and enhancement for the technology currently underpinning OneCoin’s operations. I refute any allegations that I had not seen the existing system, nor have I questioned the competence of OneCoin’s present arrangements to satisfy the current needs of the cryptocurrency.”

The Bjorn Bjercke’s of the world are free to share their views and opinions. But they should not be free to spread lies designed only to tear down the competition in the cryptocurrency marketplace.


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